What we all about….

Maverick Labs was born in late 2012, when Jayde was pregnant and the company that she and Emma were working at was closing its doors. The goal was to run Maverick for a year to financially see Jayde through her pregnancy and maternity leave.

This was 10 years ago and those young ladies are now the directors of Maverick (with a few more wrinkles, and a hell of a lot more first hand experience). Maverick is a proudly female-led tech company, started by two 24 year old women who had to make a plan and had a love for all things tech. Slowly the dream team came together – a group of individuals who shared the same values and drive. Maverick picked up corporate clients from day 1, and today services big players in many industries around SA, from banking to government to alcoholic beverages.

The story of Maverick is one of family. Our most valued asset is our culture. It is why we opened our doors.

Maverick Labs

Maverick is a specialised hybrid software development and digital solution design company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Our speciality is the digital customer experience (DCX). We were founded in 2012 and service a range of corporate clients across industries including banking, insurance, healthcare, retail, automotive, alcoholic beverages, and corporate social responsibility. Maverick has extensive experience conceptualising and developing business-aligned systems focused on customer relationship management, content management, and data intelligence. Each of our solutions is custom developed to meet our clients’ strategic business objectives and unique project requirements, while leveraging technologies that allow the product to evolve with software features, DCX trends, security standards, and data privacy policies.

Our role as a digital partner is to conceptualise strategic digital roadmaps together with our clients. We ensure that all our developed solutions receive the highest level of monitoring and client service – both in terms of consumer interaction and technical quality. Good client service drives everything we do, and is the cornerstone of our business practice.

Our purpose.

We exist to empower businesses with modern tools and ways of working. While software is our trade, we know that software itself is not inherently meaningful. Good software is created by good teams who communicate and problem-solve. We exist to model and promote new and transformative business cultures that talk, listen, and work together to create excellent technology solutions.

Maverick Labs - Purpose
Maverick Labs - Vision

Our vision.

We know that there is no business problem that technology cannot fix. We also know that useful tech often relies more on culture than it relies on availability. We are a ‘maverick’ tech consultancy specialised in problem solving, solution design, and agile management. Our vision is to deliver not only excellent software, but also the cultural values and practices necessary to support a competitive tech-forward business.

Our mission.

Our business centres around three delivery areas: problem solving, technology, and customer service. It is our mission to ensure that every person we interact with, whether supplier, customer, competitor, or barista, understands us through our words, actions, and the values we uphold.

Maverick Labs - Mission

Our values.

People + Purpose
People and relationships are the foundations of our business.

Communication + Shared Solutions
Solution design is co-created through a process of engagement.

Excellence + Sustainability
We are proud of our work, and we keep our clients because of it.

Commitment + Guts
As strategic partners, we put our skin in the game.